More About Aisha


  • I obtained a BA in African American Studies (minor in Sociology) from Ohio University in 2010.
  • I completed two years of AmeriCorps service (2010-2012) facilitating out-of-school and community building programs. I also took part in eviction prevention and emergency utility services interventions, along with facilitating mass produce drives in multiple low-income neighborhoods in Columbus, Ohio.
  • In 2012, I obtained my MA degree in Sociology from Ohio University.
  • I began my PhD program at the University of Pittsburgh and transferred to the University of Minnesota in 2015 when my advisor moved.
  • I completed my Ph.D at The University of Minnesota in 2021.
  • My hobbies include: knitting, crocheting, sewing, quilting, embroidery, needle felting and baking. I have a craft blog  :
  • My dog, Napoleon, is the light of my life. He is a 15 year old cockapoo who enjoys long walks and chicken meatballs.


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