I’m a Ph.D. candidate in sociology at the University of Minnesota. Broadly, my research interests are race, gender, social movements, and civic engagement.¬†A large part of my research agenda is examining the engagement of Black people, Black women specifically, within civil society. My research has two main focuses:

First, my research involves Black women’s voluntary associations and radical social movements. My current work ¬†examines Black Sororities’ interactions with the Black feminist movement from 1968-1980. It is a comparative historical project in which I look at two similar organizations and examine why the two organizations, who had interacted similarly with previous social movements like the suffrage and civil rights movements, diverge with the emergence of post-civil rights Black radical movement making.

My research also includes studies on Black civic engagement. In this line of research I examine various facets of Black civic engagement like volunteering and voluntary associations. I have also written about Black feminism and Black women broadly, focusing on topics like speculative fiction and critical memory.